You Needn’t Be Alone Along A Difficult Path

You’ve probably heard that if you want to go fast, go alone. But if you intend to go far, go together. This phrase will prove true in your journey.

We walk different paths, both in our personal lives and careers. You must understand the dynamics of the path you are treading, and whether you need company or forge on alone. Either way, the two options will apply.

Often, people will not understand where you’re coming from until you create some ripples. It means that until you take action towards your dream, it will be pretty difficult to convince someone else to see your vision, let alone invest in it.

These are the times where going alone makes sense. You might not necessarily ‘go fast”, but you will have created groundwork to attract attention to your dealings. This approach is viable in personal growth, for instance, trying to kick a bad habit or adopting new ideas.

Some other undertakings, however, require company at the very onset. When you start a business or join a new sport, you’ll need all the knowledge you can gain beforehand. It’s foolhardy to test the depth of the waters with both feet in this case. You might end up with a sour taste in your mouth!

Gambling is not for everyone, and coach4charity knows that too well. It informs our firm belief in incorporating the knowledge of people who have walked the talk; with the hunger of a budding changemaker to make an impact. This way, you are likely to negate obvious pitfalls faced by newbies.

Areas like sports, business and even preaching may require you to be an apprentice before you venture out on your own

It’s a smart move to take the time to learn the strategies others used to become successful before giving yourself a shot. It will not only save you money, but it will also improve your performance and productivity.

MovingAhead.org, specialists in UK’s development credit mentoring to the growth of gender diversity in many organizations in the UK. It claims that 87% of mentors and mentees enjoyed an empowering relationship with grounded self-confidence.

Research shows that 71% of Fortune 500 companies have mentoring programs. Just about 37% of professionals have any mentor, exposing a tremendous gap that coaches can fill to help empower their mentees.

What exactly am I getting from getting a mentor for myself?

Honestly, this is a valid question that we don’t ask ourselves enough! If you’re spending money on a mentor, clearly spell out your expectations on your return on investment. 

The benefits are diverse and very different from case to case. Your pain point will inform the choice of mentor you enlist, ranging from parenting, business launch, creative work, athletics, spiritual growth and many more. 

If you want a public speaking mentor, your priorities will vary from someone seeking a financial mentor.

What Benefits Do You Get From Mentorship

Just as countless as the areas of mentorship, so are the benefits. A few of them includes;

  • You get the freedom to explore your thoughts beyond your “known” boundaries.
  • Allows you time to reflect on yourself.
  • Allows you to make friends and network.
  • Help you discern, critically, all your actions to help you chart the way forward.
  • Enhance your confidence and decision making.
  • Taps into your creative side.
  • Offer you a sense of being valued.
  • Provides a backup cheerleader for times when you need support.

We continually select mentors from diverse spheres to help align you to your unique journey. This way, you needn’t be alone when you set off to change your life.

Don’t let fear stop you from making the best decision for yourself. Click on our mentor’s page and begin your journey with the best viable company!

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