Don’t Be Left Out In This Impactful Gifting

Don’t Be Left Out In This Impactful Gifting

Christmas is certainly over and done with, but the spirit of gifting and the opportunity for kindness never stops. On this Valentine’s Day, we plan to add to your gifting arsenal by gravitating towards empowering others to be the best versions of themselves.

We can trace gifting back to ancient cave dwellers who honoured and appreciated exemplary bravery and service to one’s tribe. The gifts could range from carvings from wood, rocks, horns and even bones, kept as a memento and passed from generation to generation of one’s family. Such were symbols of pride held long after the original owner had joined their ancestor.

Gifting has revolutionized since then as the world went through industrialization and technological advancement. The current generation would probably frown upon some gifts that were given during the 80s. Nevertheless, they would appreciate a gift that appealed to the current fad. Think about NFT, Bitcoin and Meta-verse.

What Then Can I Gift Someone I treasure?

People vary in taste and value they attached to different gifts. I should think that the receiver of such acts would appreciate thoughtful gifting.

While coming up with a gift for an acquaintance may be difficult, people known to you may give signs on their wish-list. Random gifts are great, but if you want your gifts to make an impact, try to find out what the person needs.

Gifts that help someone bridge a gap in their lives will not only make them happy, but also keep you in their memory for longer. Consider courses that may plummet your friend, family or employees to newer heights and help them reach a specific goal.

You can never go wrong by investing in someone’s mental health, career coaching, or even healing them from past traumas. People appreciate the hands that reach out to them and pull them out of a dark place.

Coaching sessions, like the ones we provide, are a great opportunity to get started on hooking your friend to a professional who will know what to do to help them make a turn for the better or get them the clarity they may need.

Ever invested in someone’s baby shower? How about investing in a new startup your friend has been trying to level up? Use your skills, knowledge and connection to give them a hand. Better still, buy from them and give them genuine feedback!

This year, we focus on investing in yourself and those around you. When thinking about meaningful gifts and surprises for the many celebrations coming up this year, remember that gifting a mentorship session to a friend is such an impactful gift worth exploring.

Share your thoughts and other viable gifting options you have planned for your friends this year in the comments.




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