Tips To Hack Your New Year Resolutions

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At the beginning of every year, you are most likely to scribble down a few new-year resolutions to help you stay on track of your goals and objectives. This is the best time to set realistic objectives and follow them throughout the year.

Before we delve into what 2021 holds, we invite you to walk a mile with us and get to know what is in store for you.

Despite the uncertainty we had in 2020, more so because of COVID-19 pandemic, we stayed true to our goal of fostering a mentorship between public figures and their fans across the globe through an auction process. Our end game has remained to ensure that charities that desperately need funding remain afloat.

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You also can invite your friends to share in the affiliate program with you. For every friend you invite, you accumulate points redeemable for travel tickets.

While setting down your resolutions therefore, we strongly encourage you to fast track your goal to make more money within your network as a way of funding charitable causes of your choice.

We are also creating a community of ambassadors. These will consist only of all Facebook members who register as our agents to share ideas, tips and resources on VIP referral and networking. Look out for our e-mail notification on this soon.

To keep your spot, subscribed to receive our notifications and complete your registration in the app. We cannot wait to have you join us in our quest to change the world.

To help you succeed with your resolution, here are a few tips to remember:

  • Limit the number of your resolutions to only five.

It’s easier to work through a small list and tick them all off than a long list, which is likely to overwhelm you.

  • Set Realistic Goals

It’s realistic to limit the number of cigarettes you smoke per week to say, half a packet than claim to stop smoking in two weeks! Be aware of your strength and weaknesses and strive to improve, one step at a time. You are more likely to see your goal through this approach.

  • Break down each resolution to monthly, Weakly & Daily

When you break down to small achievable targets, you will remain motivated to accomplish each goal you set your mind on.

  • Remain Disciplined to accomplish each target daily

Procrastination is the major worry at this stage. Don’t put off what you can clear off your plate today. A bit of discipline here will go a long, long way to accomplish your goals.

  • Celebrate Each Win

Nothing is as demoralizing as refusing to acknowledge the little milestones you have achieved. Make it a point to pat yourself on the back for every win. Because guess what! no one else wears your shoe to tell where it pinches most. Be your cheering squad and celebrate out loud! You deserve it!

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