How to Navigate the VIP Referral App.

navigate vip referral app

If you are here, you probably must have heard about our agents’ VIP referral app. If not, click here to register and get started. We are glad to bring you an even easier way to support your charity of choice through your coach of choice.

How does it work?

The first thing you need to do is get the app to your phone. Since we are still at the Beta stage, you may want to skip the search in google play. Follow the link provided above or check it on all our social media bios. Once you have accessed it, register and you are ready to go!

Registering will ensure that you can view more content and also get all the functionality of the app. Let’s see what you get once inside our app.

Website Redirection (logo Sign)

The logo right at the first edge of the app leads you to a drop-down menu with a list of amazing destinations.

  1. Access links you to the website with all functionality, but still keeping you within the app.

 To get back, a quick click on the arrow facing back to your starting point. Check up at the top right corner of the browser.

  1. You’re able to read the content within the second option on the drop-down, namely “Visionary People” and “Be a Coach”
  1. Auction tab links you to the website to view and/or take part in the auctions of the day.
  2. Previous successfully awarded auctions are listed in the drop-down menu named “awarded”
  3. Blog tab takes you directly to our articles within the website.
  • Investors will find the Crowdfunding tabs extremely useful to review areas of the next investment.

VIP Referral Tab

The tick (✓) sign right after the logo within the menu bar directs you to an explainer video which breaks down how the referral process works.

You then proceed to a tab where you can refer your VIP of choice, with a status report right under that tab. Here information about your referral will be well displayed.

You will also have access to a reminder list to prompt you in your process of referring your VIP

The last option contains your profile with payment option for when a deal goes through and your payment has to be processed.


The percent sign (%) right after the contacts leads you right into; 

  1. Invite a friend- with all the options to do so via varied social media and mail.
  2. Loyalty Card – with options on redeemable points ranging from 10 to 50 points
  3. Happy Birthday – everyone loves a surprise gift on their birthdays, don’t they? Leave your birth date and we’ll do just that


All the company’s contact details are displayed for a seamless flow of information. Don’t get stuck about something and despair. Reach us at any time through the provided information to allow us to attend to your query.

More tools

Finally, at the end of the menu bar, you have a tab that displays all the menus within the same page. You can easily choose your point of destination from this page.

We are excited to see you get started and enjoy good returns while playing a part in ensuring that a charity cause close to you gets the desperately needed funding!

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