Lady Gaga in Venice: ‘A (Movie) Star is born’ !

Lady Gaga has presented 'A star is born' where she acts in the classic Hollywood movie (this is the 4th remake) about the young talent that needs to be more confident to expose herself to the world. The result is that, working hardly and with the right people at her side, she can and the concept of the movie is that you also can, and everybody can too. Lady Gaga acts with no mask: a movie star is born !...

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JANE FONDA in Venice Festival for ‘Our souls in the night’, talks about beeing a parent.

Jane Fonda at Venice Film Festival for the movie, has talked about many topics about life. Let's remember here that in 2016 she declared her need to get therapy and an acting coach to work in the second serie she starred in a Netflix Show. HAVING A SECOND CHANCE AS A PARENT. What is the most important issue today in 2017? I think the most important thing is saving the planet, and this means that we have to do a lot of changes, especially in our country. All of us must do everything we can. How was for you to “fall in love” again with Robert Redford after 50 years of “Barefoot in the park”? That’s why I wanted to make this movie. We had not worked together for 47 years. When I made the last movie with him the Sundance Institute was just beginning and now what he created has really changed the American...

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The most famous French comedian Kad Merad at Venice movie festival with “La Melodie”.

Kad Merad, you are a celebrity as a comedian. How have you found yourself in a drama role? I really don't know how answering to this question because whatever the role I consider myself an actor in the widest meaning of the word. When I choosed to do this job I wanted to act as a comedian because my first example was Jerry Lewis that, as you know, passed by not a long time ago; for me he was the example of an actor able to move us deeply, as you have seen in his movies. Not much time ago, in France, it has been broadcasted a reportage about Jerry Lewies where his lifelong woman, close to his death, has told that during his entire life he has been considered a comedian, we could say a funny actor, with no people really interested in building observations or critics with a sense, and...

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ROBERT REDFORD in Venice Festival for ‘Our souls in the night’, talks about new generation.

Robert Redford, in Venice for his new movie, has talked about that and other point of views he has on the planet, on letting independent younger voices speak, on older age. OPPORTUNITIES FOR YOUNGER INDEPENDENT VOICES What is the most important issue today in 2017? The only thing is that there is hope for the future. The thing that we have to put in our minds and hands is “where can we go that there is hope?”. We have responsibility for the future generation, and there is only one planet. You acquired the book and produced this movie. Why did you wanted to embark on this project? It was a film pointed to a younger audience I wanted to do another film with Jane Fonda, we have not done other for 46 years, before I die. Why did not direct the movie yourself? I think it has a lot to do with what Sundance is about. If...

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GEORGE CLOONEY, coaching and his new movie ‘Suburbicon’.

GEORGE CLOONEY AND COACHING In the movie "Up in the air" of 2009, directed by Jason Reitman and starred by George Clooney (Academy Award® nominee for this interpretation), the main character is a dismissal professional who has to manage new awareness regarding his existence. Ryan is called to fire Bob, a manager with 90,000 dollar income per year, a loan and a sick daughter he attends with expensive medical care. The young female Ryan's colleague, Natalie, providing elements supporting positive aspects of the dismiss, "Perhaps you are underestimating the positive effect that you transition carrier can have on your children...

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Coaching yourself: a matter of science. Interview with James Lawrence.

James Lawrence, American Ironman, very famous for his record to have done 50 Ironmans in 50 days in 50 States.   You look like that kind of sport man that work harder and harder to reach some special results. Do you have some special way to train? We definitely have a formula. We manage intensity versus volume and monitor everything very closely. We want to be in a 15 to 20% ratio of high intensity to 85 to 80% low intensity recovery work. Our formula is SOAR: Stress Optimize Adapt and Recover. Do you think this formula is right for you or is it adaptable to anybody? SOAR has very important scientific bases and can be adapted to anybody. You have to work hard the right times, and you have to allow your body to Recover and Adapt. A lot of times people miss out on the recover process because they believe that you have...

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