You Needn’t Be Alone Along A Difficult Path

You've probably heard that if you want to go fast, go alone. But if you intend to go far, go together. This phrase will prove true in your journey. We walk different paths, both in our personal lives and careers. You must understand the dynamics of the path you are treading, and whether you need company or forge on alone. Either way, the two options will apply. Often, people will not understand where you're coming from until you create some ripples. It means that until you take action towards your dream, it will be pretty difficult to convince someone else to see your vision, let alone invest in it. These are the times where going alone makes sense. You might not necessarily 'go fast'', but you will have created groundwork to attract attention to your dealings. This approach is viable in personal growth, for instance, trying to kick a bad habit or adopting...

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