JANE FONDA in Venice Festival for ‘Our souls in the night’, talks about beeing a parent.

Jane Fonda at Venice Film Festival for the movie, has talked about many topics about life. Let’s remember here that in 2016 she declared her need to get therapy and an acting coach to work in the second serie she starred in a Netflix Show.


What is the most important issue today in 2017?

I think the most important thing is saving the planet, and this means that we have to do a lot of changes, especially in our country. All of us must do everything we can.

How was for you to “fall in love” again with Robert Redford after 50 years of “Barefoot in the park”?

That’s why I wanted to make this movie. We had not worked together for 47 years. When I made the last movie with him the Sundance Institute was just beginning and now what he created has really changed the American cinema in the most profound ways, and so I’m in love with him, I admire him as an actor, a director and a producer, so I wanted to be able to spend time with him, and so I wanted to be able to fall in love with him, again.

The movie is about hope. It’s about it’s never too late, if you are brave, if you are willing to take risks, you can become what you were meant to be even if you have never been that before, and that is what the film is about.

Love as you get older doesn’t change?

I think it get better because first of all we are braver, what we have to lose? Then I know what my body needs, and so you are not afraid for asking for what you need, and so I think on a physical level it gets better. And in the movie I think it’s great that the characters still want to have sex and they become profound together. I am happy to give a cultural face to older women.

Your character goes away just to take care of her family. What do feel personally about this?

In my mind, my son gave an ultimatum: if you see him again you will never see me and my grandson again.

I’m sure that many of you have had the experience that I have where you have not been the parent that you should have been, that you did not love the way you should have loved. And if you are lucky and it’s given a second chance, I think that it overrides love with the man or someone that is not in your family. That’s what I will do, because when you die it’s not about how much money you made or how many worth you got it; it’s: do your children love you? Do your friends love you? Did you do what you could do? And this is what motivated my character to say “Much as I love this man, I have to see the second chance to be a mother and a grandmother” and make up for what I didn’t do”.

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