ROBERT REDFORD in Venice Festival for ‘Our souls in the night’, talks about new generation.

Robert Redford, in Venice for his new movie, has talked about that and other point of views he has on the planet, on letting independent younger voices speak, on older age.


What is the most important issue today in 2017?

The only thing is that there is hope for the future. The thing that we have to put in our minds and hands is “where can we go that there is hope?”. We have responsibility for the future generation, and there is only one planet.

You acquired the book and produced this movie. Why did you wanted to embark on this project?

It was a film pointed to a younger audience I wanted to do another film with Jane Fonda, we have not done other for 46 years, before I die.

Why did not direct the movie yourself?

I think it has a lot to do with what Sundance is about. If you have success, and I’m talking about myself, you have to create opportunities for the people, and that goes to the category of the independents filmmakers. There are independent voices out there that does not have a chance, so I can get the success that I’m having and create a mechanism that is an opportunity for other films. That is the festival. But before the festival, I don’t think a lot of people know about this, the process was to take in 1980 colleagues as writer, director, cinematographer and so forth in coming in Sundance, this place in the mountain, and create a profile, a kind of a brand for new filmmakers to come and go through the process. To develop the relationship between filmmaker and studio the only thing we could was to create a festival, where those filmmakers could come and show each other their work and maybe going beyond that. One was the opportunity for the filmmakers, the other was the opportunity for the audiences to watch movies that were not available in the mainstreams. We get connected with Ritesh Batra in Sundance, where we put his film made in India in our launch box. So when this film came about, it was a chance to maybe give an opportunity to him.

Love as you get older doesn’t change?

No, it just increases. But I’d like to say something about getting older, because I think when we are young we don’t think about that. On a personal level it’s something difficult for me, because when I was young I was very athletic, and then suddenly realize that you must be careful, and I find that hard to deal with. About the sadness of getting older, you have to give up circumstances that you had when you were young, and suddenly you do, and that create restrictions of some kind, kind of sad.

When we were young we think about what we gonna do with our lives and with our carriers, we have children. It takes a while to make the adjustments when you are only thinking about them, because you are so basic thinking about yourself, and also you have children. The time goes on, you realize you have responsibility to take care of them, not only to take care of them, but give them love, give them humor, maybe give them a venture, if you can.  And then you have to let them go, and you have to realize that you felt so busy in your earlier years, when you were young and having a family. There is tension there between looking up to yourself and also looking up to your children. I think that something that this film has in it. My character didn’t think about the children and now realize “oh my God, I have a responsibility that I let it go on. What can I do? Can I retrieve it? Can I bring it back?”. It creates a kind of dramatic tension.


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