Raffaella Pannuti

Coach Raffaella Pannuti


Italian, English & French


-Health Expert, Palliative Care Practitioner; Foundation President.

-Degree in industrial chemistry

-Analysis of biological and population pharmacokinetic samples.

-Communication, creativity, organization and planning skills


€40 Per Hour

A graduate in Industrial Chemistry Raffaella Pannuti began as a freelance journalist when she joined ANT Foundation. She eventually became the President of ANT Italia NGO Foundation in 1998.

The largest palliative care institution in Italy, ANT Foundation, provides free home social and health care for cancer patients. It focuses on improving the emotional well-being of cancer patients, reducing anxiety, depression, and pain symptoms.

Raffaella coaches you to be an effective caregiver while maintaining your own self-care. You get to gain skills to support cancer patients in areas that they actually need support on.

Her mentorship explores the psychological distress of health-care professionals providing home-based palliative care and how to tackle them.

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