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Coach4Charity is a digital platform that connects members of the public to celebrities and VIPs. Our mission is to realize the dreams of lifelong learners all around the world by offering them a digital platform to communicate directly with their favourite VIPs. This is about helping VIPs and their fans leave a legacy through education and charity. Users will be able to connect to their desired VIPs via our internal communication platform that will be featured in our mobile and desktop applications. They will also be able to meet with in person. For every customer that connects to a VIP, up to 81% of the transaction price will be donated to charity.

C4C Ambassador

This exciting position aims to spread awareness of Coach4Charity around the world. As an Ambassador you will be our local referral agent, connecting us with VIPs & Celebrities. You will be required to participate in the most exclusive and important events in your country (or in your assigned region), establish relationships with renowned people, introduce them to our platform and engage them in using it.

If you are connected person, possess great people skills, love technology and want to make a positive impact globally, then we encourage you to apply by filling out the application form below.

C4C Opportunity

There are different levels to the role of a Coach4Charity Ambassador, depending on your ability to contact and engage with VIPs and the time you have to dedicate to the work. All levels will provide you with a financial gain for every VIP that you can attract to our platform. Your earnings will be based on the number and status of the VIPs you attract.

Advisor – As an Advisor, your role will be to connect with local VIPs & Celebrities, such as up and coming & talented personalities, retired VIPs, etc…

Influencer – As an Influencer, you will be required to connect with nation-wide VIPs and Celebrities, such as athletes of major sports in your country (but not necessarily known worldwide), in general, VIPs that have a national reach and following.

Ambassador – This is the most important and prominent role, but also the toughest. As an Ambassador your role would be to obtain VIPs and Celebrities on a continental level. You will be liaising with our VIP Relationship Manager. You will be responsible for connecting and engaging with celebrities from your continent, whose fame has a worldwide reach. Such as Hollywood actors & actresses, Olympics medallist in major sports and famous entrepreneurs and business tycoons. If they are globally famous, then as an Ambassador you would need to connect with them.

Application Form

Please complete the form below and we will be in touch with you shortly, if your application is successful. Good Luck.