Social media: a place of humans

Interview with Deirdre Breakenridge, communication strategist, CEO of Pure Performance Communications, Podcaster, host of Women Worldwide, LinkedIn Learning Instructor and adjunct professor.     You say that modern public relations demands an integrated, multichannel approach in order to successfully build awareness, loyalty, engagement, and advocacy. Could you explain which kind of multichannel approach do you suggest? What we realize within all these new media, especially social media, is that consumers are in so many different places. This is at the side of all traditional media. When you can figure out when people want to receive information, what excite them and what they want to share, you know how to reach them, and you will do this in different ways, in different channels and in different formats. With social media we have two big news in the organization of communication. The first, as you said, is that people want to decide how and when receiving information,...

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