Good teachers build a better world.

Interview with Prescott Price, CEO of ‘Lessons for Life’ a foundation focused on the education of African sub-saharian children.       Dear Prescott, thank you for the interview. Let's go direct to the main points of your very important and very difficult job: how much is big your budget for education? And how many children the 'Lessons for Life' foundation can educate with this budget? In this year 2017 our budget for education is 1,9 million euros. It’s a small amount in the scale of the total investment for education, but it’s very important for children and community member we support. We will reach about 25.000 children, many of whom wouldn’t have gone to school without our help. This is our fundamental aim: that a lot of children can go to school. At the same time we work with the community of their children, to help them to understand the benefits of their children going...

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